Thanksgiving Favorites

Monday, November 10, 2014

The holiday season is upon us! Get togethers with family and friends means decorating and meal planning, all great excuses to shop for new holiday accessories. What's not to love about this time of year? We wanted to share a few of our picks to add a little something special to your home or table, these are our Thanksgiving favorites!

Mason Jar Mania Part One

Monday, October 6, 2014

Any project we start I love to search for inspiration and I am always amazed how creative people are! Since we've done our fair share of projects using mason jars, we've seen endless amounts of projects other people have done that totally blew us away, I narrowed it down to a few favorites. They're all fun, easy and totally creative projects. 

Au Natural: Tree Stump Side Tables

Monday, August 18, 2014

There's something very cool and rustic about the look of a tree stump as a side table, we both loved the idea of having them in our house. Instead of buying them we decided to make our own. One day Joe came home with these enormous tree stumps he found on the side of the road, they weighed a TON. They needed to dry out so we kept them in our garage for three months. Once they had dried out a bit, we cleaned them off and got to work!

(Kinda looks like a weird smiley face)

The logs when we first got them.

Three months later, in our new house and they're read to be sanded.

and sanded some more.

Seriously, there was lots of sanding… :)

Once that was done, we stained the top of the tables with a natural wood stain. 

Then cleaned off the sides with a wire brush to remove any loose pieces.

After that we used a white high gloss paint and roller to coat the sides.

Hi friend!

Once we moved the tables inside we found a piece of glass to fit the top and POOF instant table!

It turned out way better than we hoped - totally worth the wait!