DIY Art: Iron on Photo Canvas

Saturday, June 28, 2014

We both work part time in the bar/restaurant industry, and everyone in our business knows that one of the perks of the job is free swag! What do we mean by swag? Hats, bottle openers and lots and lots of shirts. Every holiday and sports season we get boxes full of cool stuff from beer and liquor companies to give away to customers.  Every time a brand rep makes a delivery, it's sort of like Christmas for bartenders. Anyway! This whole practice means we've accumulated a ton of t-shirts and why not find something else to do with them? 

First I found an image online and printed it into the transfer paper. 

Last years St Patricks Day shirt - thanks Jameson!

**When you print onto transfer paper, you have to flip the image before you print it so it will come out correctly when you apply it.

Then I cut the t-shirt around the edges of the image.

First I ironed the shirt to get out any little wrinkles, then let it cool.

Next, I followed the transfer paper time and heat directions to iron on the image.

Then let it cool!

Once the transfer was complete it was time to load the stapler!

Then I wrapped the shirt around the canvas and secured with staples. 

Pretty neat! 

Decided to add it to the jewelry/gallery wall in our master bedroom!

Garden Party: Wine Cork Plant Labels

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring has sprung and that means it's time to work on the outside of our house as well as the inside! We recently started on our garden and we wouldn't be us without adding some DIY flair to it.
We enjoy having an herb garden, but sometimes they can look a little messy. Since we LOVE re-using wine corks we thought using them for plant labels was the perfect way to make our garden look pretty and organized. It was a quick afternoon project that made a big difference!

Making a list.. Checking it twice. 

Once they were all written out, we drilled some holes into the bottom of the corks. 

We picked up some bamboo sticks at the grocery store. 

Then gently push the bamboo skewers at least half way into the cork. 


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Winning! Snapguide Upcycling Contest

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We've shared our love of the amazing DIY app, Snapguide before, but today were so excited and grateful to share that we came in second for Snapguides latest contest! A month ago they began an upcycling contest, trying to find the best way to repurpose and reuse items, what a great contest idea! There were some very cool and innovative entries, and we were lucky enough to come in second place for our Mason Jar Chandelier. Thanks Snapguide! Check out ours and the other entries >> HERE!