The Laundry Room: Progress

Monday, March 30, 2015

One of the reasons we love our house is the basement. It's a really great space and when we moved in, putting in new lighting and painting was such a game changer and really brightened it up. We bit off more than we could chew doing the flooring ourselves for all three floors of our house so the laundry room portion of the basement has remained unfinished since we moved in. The potential of the space would torture me with every load of laundry and we couldn't be more excited, one year and seven months later - we have progress. 

I found this photo on my phone from, what feels like forever ago, featuring the gorgeous peel and stick floors that were originally in our laundry room. 

While I was working, being the wonderful man he is, Joe removed the trim, washer and dryer and painted the floors. The paint was Drylok Masonary waterproofing paint to help ensure we never feel any dampness. 

Then it was time to roll out the barrier. We used Roberts Airgaurd under lament  for laminated floors. 

One of the edges is actually an adhesive strip that you can peel off and stick down to the piece next door to hold the seams together. That's means, no taping! So.. Much.. Easier. 

Then it was time for us to get to work laying down and measuring pieces, trying to work out an assembly line system. For the rest of the house we used a hard strand bamboo, which isn't cheap, so for the basement/laundry room we went with a laminate floor. We both actually really love the look, from Dream Home it's St. James Golden Acacia Laminate

We made some pretty good progress until it got a little too late to be making noise.. stay tuned!

The Super Hero Shelf

Monday, March 23, 2015

We started our basement organizing project with the greatest of intentions, honestly. But it's hard to not get a little distracted and nastaligic looking at the things that made childhood great. Joe decided that some of his favorite things shouldn't be packed away, they should be on display!

Choosing the height for optimum viewing. 

We bought the same plumbers pipe we used for the living room shelf, these are half inch pipes. Then we spray painted them black. 

Next up we used the stud finder and level to mark where the pipes should go.

Once we found the stud, we screwed the flange into the wall. 

Then twisted in the pipes. (Why so serious?)

Once the pipes were in place we put the boards on top and Viola!

Joe couldn't wait to start placing his collection!

Until next time! 

Amanda & Joe

Super Simple Holiday Centerpieces

Friday, December 26, 2014

For the holidays we love having decorating and hosting friends and family. This year we were hosting Christmas Eve dinner for the second year and wanted the table to look just as pretty as the tree. Flowers are always nice but they don't last terrible long so we went with what we had hanging around the house. 

All it took was a few branches cut off our Christmas tree, some mason jars, white votives, cranberries and water and we had a centerpiece we can keep through the winter. 

First we taped the jars to some target serving trays to avoid 

Then we cut some pieces from the branches and placed them around the mason jars. All that's left is water, cranberries and votives!

The final result! Festive and simple centerpieces we're going to keep all winter long! :)