The Master Bath: Prepping for The New Bathroom

Friday, January 22, 2016

Master bath update time! Demo was way smoother and easier than expected. We were both in shock that the floor tiles were laid directly on the sub floor, and barely attached at that. But next it was time to prep. This step was a lot more labor intensive than we originally realized, however, it's probably the most important part of the whole process so we made sure to get it right!
Once the tub/shower combo was gone we had to remove some odd studs in the wall and make sure the framing was secure. We also had to cut plywood to act as the base for our shower pan and water proofing. 

Because the floor joists ran through the middle of the shower, our plan to center the drain had to be scrapped. We did move the drain out a little bit to be under the rain shower, but this meant we had to have a custom shower pan built - bye $400. Oh well. 

Remember that weird soffit from the demo post? We had to sawzall that bad boy out. The opening leads into one of the master closets - weird right?!

So we bought sheet rock and got to work! **Side note: we've used quite a bit of sheet rock tape in our day but this stuff was amazing - self adhesive and mold resistant, it's perfect for bathrooms. 

Then it was time to mud and sand. And mud and sand. And mud and sand some more! The walls we're pretty uneven, and had clearly had some bad patch jobs from renovations past. Once that was done, our amazing tile guy got to work waterproofing the walls. 

Let the tiling begin!

The New Thirty Seven

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hi All! Sorry for a little lag in posts - the move, bathroom renovations, and holidays were a bit hectic, but we're settling in finally. One project that has been long over due were the new house numbers we made for the garage. Our garage is detached, I think Joe loves it so much because it's his own man cave now, but anyway its the first thing you see when you pull up to the house and curb appeal is important! The existing ones were fine but since our house is a 1950s split and we're going for the Mid-Century vibe I thought some modern looking numbers would be nice. And it wouldn't be our project if a little reclaimed wood wasn't involved.

This is the sad before picture.

A little sand paper, water proofing sealer and stain was all we needed to prep the board.

First, we sand.. and sand.. and sand.

Then using a rag a light coat of stain went on, and we let it dry for 24 hours. Once the stain had dried we did two coats the spray sealant, with the instructed drying times in between!

Using the template to decide on the number placement and mark the spots to drill.

The numbers came with instructions for the exact hole size to drill into the board. Then we simply tapped them snuggly into place. *If for some reason they seem loose to you, a little silicone can be added to the inserted end and will keep the numbers attached.

I snapped this picture the first time I saw the numbers, Joe hung them while I was working late, and it was a wonderful surprise. (He used four carriage bolts that actually went through the wall and we're fastened on the other side - those numbers aren't going anywhere.)

Some Light Updating

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Since the first day we walked into our new house we could't wait to take down the seriously outdated fixture that hung in the foyer. The light is the first thing you see as you walk up to the house so we knew it had to be good! Something that made a statement but wasn't so crazy we would hate it in a week. Then when shopping on our new favorite website All Modern, we found it... the Supernova Light. Installation was pretty easy and it makes a huge impact.

Bye bye light.

Hello Gorgeous.